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Are you at the right place ?


Honey Health and Wellness x The R+R Collective Holiday Set

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Make loving
your self
feel like a Luxurious affair


Our holiday collaboration has landed! We have teamed up with the beautiful Honey Health and Wellness to bring you our first exclusive holiday set.

This set includes Honey's Back to Basics Recovery Oil and our best selling Mixed Scrunchie Set in the colour Pearl.  The perfect gift for your friends and family that love a little bit of luxury!


The Back to Basics Recovery Oil has been created to provide the skin with enriched nutrients and maximum hydration. Formulated to rapidly absorb into the skin in order to avoid the skin feeling heavy and greasy. Our Recovery Oil is packed with essential nutrients that work to regulate excess sebum (oil) production while restoring the skin’s barrier. These drops of gold work to absorb into the deeper layers of the skin so you can rest assured your skin receiving an adequate amount of antioxidants and hydration. Most importantly our Recovery Oil has been created to stimulate the skins healing process and works to reducing inflammation, redness and skin irritation.

  • Best selling Back To Basics Recovery Oil made for ALL skin types.
  • Use our Recovery oil in the  AM and PM for visibly a brighter and softer complexion.
  • Our Recovery oil can be used as a primer under makeup for to boost your summer glow.



Sick of breakage from your hair ties? What about those unsightly hair creases from your ponytail? Silk scrunchies leave your hair crease and damage free. Our Mixed Set contains one Skinny, Midi, and Statement Scrunchie. All scrunchies made from 6A long fibre mulberry silk.

The Skinnies
Our everyday hair-tie! The perfect accessory for every up-do.

The Midis
The Midi Scrunchie elevates your look with a touch of luxe silk.

The Statement
Hello, statement piece! The Statement Scrunchie is our go-to for messy buns at home or for easy glam.


Do you wake up with sleep creases? Cotton pillows are more porous than silk and tend to cause friction. Silk, however, is soft and tightly weaved so you wake up crease-free. Silk also absorbs less moisture, leaving your skin more hydrated when you wake.


Say goodbye to morning frizz! Silk’s soft surface helps you avoid the dreaded bedhead by causing less friction than regular cotton pillowcases. Your blowdry will last longer, your hair will stay glossy and you’ll minimise split ends.


Who doesn’t want a better night’s sleep? Silk regulates temperature so your pillow will stay cool and comfortable all night long. The natural fibre also has a natural resistance to common allergens.